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Violet Revue Episode #6
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Sometimes the “stars” truly align!  Such was the case for myself and Julez.  This episode’s guest arrives via skype from Tacoma, WA to join me in my home studio.  

A fun and opinionated artist, Julez and I laugh throughout this energetic interview!  We also spoke a lot of truth that can’t be ignored, about consent between artist and audience and bodily autonomy.

We start off casually sharing experiences as performers, like Julez’ start with drag in North Carolina, and reminiscing about high school theater productions.

We found out we have so much in common, and that’s just one cool thing I’m starting to notice about my interviews.  Many of us are slaves to the stage; and with that personality trait/flaw comes many similarities.

Packed with bad bitch energy and a frankness I LOVED while chatting with Julez, I think you’ll really enjoy listening in!

xoxo    Violet

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