Tied to the Stripping Post

Violet Revue Episode #14
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As a young lady, I often fantasized about my dream job. It was a secret I kept, of course, because you couldn’t tell people you wanted – actually WANTED – to be a stripper.

I even had a song picked out; Whipping Post, the classic rock song by The Allman Brothers, one that I would envision myself dancing to: whirling around, consumed by the freedom of doing what society said you absolutely should not aspire to do.

Music aficionado and pole-lesque performer Akasha Wilde understands that feeling intimately. And it was amazing to speak so candidly with another performer about our mutual, and varying, experiences.

In expressing ourselves fully, staying vulnerable and strong, living our truth out loud, sometimes I do feel as if artists like us have been ‘tied to the whipping post’.

That’s because of the stigma that goes hand in hand with nudity, sexuality, and many forms of exotic dance. This cultural taboo makes others feel empowered to talk down to those of us who are unbothered by sex, or (GASP!) celebrate one of the most inescapable parts of ourselves: our sexuality.

I am grateful for the ability to express myself through performance, and also through new avenues – like the exploration of these interviews.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did! She was so …CHILL. I could really see myself hanging out with this amazing, laid back queen, and am honored to now know her.

All the links you need to follow the gorgeous Akasha Wilde are in the show notes! Be sure to check out her routine “Femme Fatale”! It’s TO DIE FOR.

xoxo Violet

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