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Violet Revue Episode #2
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What’s the difference between club stripping and burlesque? 

In this podcast episode, I’m chatting with Amelie Ahmose and drawing some distinctions between the two, as well as belly dance.  

My guest is a long time performer with an array of dance and stage skills, from opera singing to Egyptian cabaret.  

We cover a lot of ground here, beginning with the distinctions of belly dance and stripping, all the way to consent culture and the comfort of sex-positive communities.

Amelie’s video “In My Room” was featured in one of our first Premiere shows on Velvet Revue, and since then I’ve been dying to talk about BDSM and fetish stuff with her!  At one point she uses some insider terms, so check the show notes for a helpful glossary!

Amelie was a sweetheart, and we’ve even got a little “girl talk” going on in this episode, fawning over and applauding the magnitude of the stripper skillset.  

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