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Violet Revue Episode #9
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“NYC Kids Falls Hard for Theater”

Having spent most of his life in entertainment, this stage veteran was a pleasure to interview. We chattered away, talking about Scratch’s early career, the way each of us feels about haunted houses, and some of his personal projects.

Already the busy producer of the Boston BeauTease, Scratch is adding something new to his resume: Museum Founder.

The American Burlesque Collection, located in Salem, MA, is just one more reason to visit witchy Salem.

Scratch and I also discuss the ways in which online entertainment is changing the perception of visual expression for many performers.

Pushed into new media by the COVID-19 crisis, some performers are indeed making the most of what are otherwise terrible circumstances, and we cheer for them!

Despite some of the heavier subjects, Scratch and I shared a lot of laughs! I definitely appreciated all he had to say about my recent work at Velvet Revue as well.

xoxo Violet

Show Notes

The Boston BeauTease:

American Burlesque Collection:

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