Starstruck in Jersey

Violet Revue Episode #5
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My guest in this episode is self-made Jersey girl Vivi Noir, an excellent example of how hard work and determination will land you your dream job.

For Vivi, that dream was always to be on stage. As a ballerina, a cruise ship showgirl, and then as one of New Orleans notable burlesque performers – and now a member of the Velvet Revue artist collective – Vivi Noir has an impressive dance and performance resume.

Vivi and I are both from Jersey, and (if you never heard it said before, I’ll tell you now) our reputation for being talkative and blunt should absolutely precede us. You’ve been warned! 馃槈

Seriously, though…. I was really pleased to have such a charmed guest, and Vivi was so warm and down to earth! She’s also an advocate for research and fundraising that helps cancer patients.

It matters a lot to her, so please check out the group she mentioned: “Scares That Care”, there’s a link for you in the show notes below.

xoxo Violet

Show Notes

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Learn more about Scares That Care:

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