It’s a Wonda-ful Life

Violet Revue Episode #1
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I’m Violet and I helped create Velvet Revue! Now I’m making my podcast debut.

In my first podcast episode I’m interviewing international drag sensation, WONDA STARR.

First, we talk about pandemic transitions and what work looks like these days for artists like us.

Wonda and I compare experiences introducing our artforms (drag and burlesque) to two unusual locations: Iceland and the U.S. Virgin Islands!

!!! Our tech team had a couple of little hiccups with the video recording on this episode. Our internet connection with Wonda Starr wasn’t the best, but our connection as performers was strong – I promise!

Wonda tells me about the beauty of Edinburgh, Scotland, a place I have always wanted to visit, and the traveling childhood of a military brat. 

Coming from the Garden state, I totally sell Wonda on a trip across the pond to New Jersey and get nostalgic about boardwalks. #AsburyRocks #WeirdNJ

Pay attention and you might get a hint about a new act I’m working on!

xoxo Violet

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