Chaos & Elegance in Vienna

Pixie Baroque

Violet Revue Episode #13
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Pixie Baroque

Vienna’s Pixie Baroque is full of, as she puts it, “a chaotic elegance” both on and off the burlesque stage.

Take Pixie’s name, her bold and colorful style, her proximity to an unbelievable number of museums, living in one of the world’s more opulent and well-kept designed cities: we were bound to have an art-filled discussion.

I love love LOVE the honesty of this conversation.

Pixie and I talk about the politics around bodies and nudity. We share some personal details about life as artist with long-term depression and what that looks like for us as content creators at this juncture.

Rambling in and out of subjects in the way one does when enjoying a wonderful, all-consuming conversation, Pixie shows us her sensitivity and her spark.

Since filming, Pixie was crowned The Queen of Quarantine in an online burlesque festival. CONGRATULATIONS, PIXIE!!!

Check out the show notes for all of the awesome links she provided, as well as the photo behind her glamorous images.

xoxo Violet

Show Notes

Image of Pixie Baroque by Valeriya Filatova:

A note, directly from Pixie Baroque:
Thanks so much again for having me, I had so much fun!
Here’s a list of everything/everyone I remember talking about:

Kalinka Kalaschnikow @kalinka_kalaschnikow

Kalinka’s Open Stage Night and Cirque Rouge (the professional event) @openstagenight_vienna @cirque.rouge

Cabaret Curiosa (the esemble I’m part of that did lots of online streams last year and is very gothy)

Devi Letalis (Host of Cabaret Curiosa) @cinnamon_panther_devi_letalis

My crafted Vulvas:
Vulva @pvssitivity

Grazer Tuntenball (the charity ball where i will perform in April and do the act i said i had been planning for so long)

Albah Bernaux, the amazing drag burlesque queen where i visited my first workshop that turned out to be a little more advanced than i expected:
And as for the best spots in Vienna:

πŸ’• Walk Guide for the whole inner city

πŸ’•ChaNoMa best authentic Japanese tea house with amazing green tea, matcha latte, mochi and onigiri @chanomavienna

πŸ’• Hundertwasserhaus, the most colourful and weirdest architecture ever:

πŸ’• St Marx Park (beautiful former Biedermeier cemetery that has been deactivated and turned into a park while maintaining the historical gravestones – the flora is especially beautiful in spring and autumn):

πŸ’• Narrenturm (Vienna’s anatomical/pathological museum with amazing med-students to guide you through in a very ethically correct way):
pixiebaroque’s profile picture
Woop sent too soon, here’s a wiki link to hundertwasserhaus

Oh just remembered I mentioned the @viennaboylesquefestival too!

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