Put a Spell on You

Burlesque Performance Video By
Gitana Rose

Gitana Rose will “Put a Spell on You” with her tease. She elegantly removes her gloves, yet throws them with aggression. She tends to show some leg, revealing a snippet of her garter straps, but doesn’t show all. She continues to disrobe, removing her belt, but pay close attention, she doesn’t show her under garments right away. The stare that she gives is inviting, inviting the viewer that she is teasing you, and “only you”. She takes off her robe to present her under garments. She removes her bra, presents it and drops it; because she don’t need that anymore. Finally revealing her pasties.

Put a Spell on You


Gitana Rose

Gitana Rose will invite you to be teased as she slowly strips. She will tease and leaving wanting more.
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Put a Spell on You
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