Night Walk

Burlesque Performance Video By
Ruby D’Woo

Taking a classic turn Ruby commands her audience with seduction and charisma. This act took her from national performer to international performer after her debut, Ruby brings you luxury feather boa fun and while things might get a little bit cheeky she is here to take you on a journey of antici…….pation.

Night Walk


Ruby D'Woo

Ruby D’Woo is a multi award winning International Burlesque Performer and she is an unapologetic dynamic vixen who loves to tease and seduce her viewers by providing the ultimate audience indulgences, she oozes sex appeal and owns her sexuality to bring you sensuality with a modern twist and jaw dropping performances. Ruby has over a decades stage experience and likes to bring a dance element into her acts while captivating and luring the audience in and she loves to leave them begging for more.
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Night Walk
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