Gaea Lady is A Heartbreaker

Burlesque Performance Video By
Gaea Lady

Power. Pussy Magic. Sensuality. Drive. Passion. Raw Strength. Feminine Wiles.

My Rock & Roll fantasy burlesque.

This piece originated from an ask from producer Ajay Strong to “make something really wild with no limits” for the Dirty Dime Peepshow at the Allways Lounge in New Orleans, LA, (produced by Bella Blue & Ajay Strong, of course. This show has literally changed my life and how Iook at what burlesque can be). I decided on the song while driving through Southern Illinois to the Show Me Burleque Festival in St. Louis, MO & envisioned it while watching the acts slay on the stage the whole weekend.

At once, I realized that I didn’t want to be a Heartbreaker – I wanted to spread love and light to the world, illuminating & supporting… And then I realized why I had chosen this song.

Breaking hearts is an act of true femininity – not allowing men’s attachments to ourselves nor exerting their control over our lives is often seen as being a “Femme Fatale” or a “Shrew” … Yet sometimes we need to leave & get out of a situation. Breaking hearts & taking control of our freedom is a necessity emblazoned by the empowered woman.

And sometimes hearts must be broken for both of them to grow thusly larger, stronger, and more resilient. For if we stay in the same toxic situations we will never grow.

so, I embrace the fact that I’m a heartbreaker. I cannot satistfy all the humans who desire a piece of me and my life, and for that, I break hearts. I know that they will grow stronger seeing the power of a woman who can stand in her own right.

While this video has about 50% of the power I felt during the act itself, I feel the rock & roll fantasy come through. I truly hope you can see this one day in person – it’s epic.

Song: “Heartbreaker + Living Loving Maid” by Led Zeppelin

Filmed at the Minneapolis Burlesque Festival 2019. produced by Elektra Cute Productions.

Gaea Lady is A Heartbreaker


Gaea Lady

Gaea Lady is an enchantress by nature & will make you feel the earth move. Promoting radical self-love as a way to transform yourself and the world, she is a dancer of fire, silk, hoops & light.
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Gaea Lady is A Heartbreaker
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