Gaea Lady as the Sea Siren – Veil Burlesque

Burlesque Performance Video By
Gaea Lady

Symbiotic – a sea siren explores the depths of sensuality and takes all with her into the depths of pleasure and power. In Gaea’s newest veil burlesque piece, she brings you down into the ocean whilst swirling her magic about.

get ready for a divine ride.

music : “Symbiotic” Drumspyder Remix by Deya Dova
Please find Deya Dova and FOLLOW HER @deyadova

video by Kenny Hoff at the Hubba Hubba Revue’s 13th Anniversary show at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco

Gaea Lady Dancer of fire, hoops, veils, & light.

Gaea Lady as the Sea Siren – Veil Burlesque


Gaea Lady

Gaea Lady is an enchantress by nature & will make you feel the earth move. Promoting radical self-love as a way to transform yourself and the world, she is a dancer of fire, silk, hoops & light.
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Gaea Lady as the Sea Siren – Veil Burlesque
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