Gaea Lady as the Lady of the Lady – fire & silk dance

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Gaea Lady

In this piece Siren’s Lullaby, I unite fire, wind, & the essence of water together while dancing on earthly ground. I am an enchantress by nature, and I’ll make you feel the earth move. I embody the Lady of the Lake, Nimue, as a woman timeless beyond the ages standing in her power of the knowledge of seasons & earthly rhythms, the unification of humans & earth, and the knowledge that we are not separate from one another here on this planet.

Siren’s Lullaby is an exploration of my cultural heritage – passed to me by my grandmother’s line. My Nana, Isabel Doreen, was born in Cornwall, England in 1935. Cornwall is a rocky peninsula on the southern tip of England surrounded by salty seas & rich in forests, minerals, and moors. Cornish humans share much history with the Bretons & The Welsh, and their history is recorded strongest in in pre-Christian Britain, before the first millennium. Here, tales of giants, fae, mermaids, Bucca, piskies, or ‘pobel vean’ (little people) abound. This is the land of Arthurian Legend, of Morgaine of the Faeries, and of standing stones, magical lakes, white faerie mushroom rings, natural phenomena, druids, witches, and earth magic.

All of this I have gravitated towards since early childhood, and it resonates deeply with my identity as a modern day magic holder, a healer, a light witch, and an artist.

As an artist, I continually consider & explore boundaries & depths of cultural appropriation, appreciation, and amplification. These topics are important for me, a white cisgendered female to consider especially.

As I see the cultural appropriation adopted by white colonizers continuing through today, I have been thinking “why?” … and I realized that beginning a conversation about cultural belonging perhaps is the starting point to understanding what is appropriation, what is celebration, and what is appreciation. We are truly a melting pot here in America, a melting pot that has serious underlying racist mentalities & systems to which I do not exclude myself. And in this melting pot, our cultures begin to seam without clear boundaries, much like our cities, neighborhoods, communities, and blood or chosen families.

On Cultural belonging:

We humans of the United States of America are a displaced people. We are a community of immigrants from all over, who colonized a continent that did not belong to us in the first place. Yet, we have no where to go back to, generations into a melting pot social experiment that is America. We are deeply hurting for tradition, for culture that speaks to us that is not the cis-white-patriarchial-capatalist-monotheistic tradition. Where do we go? How do we collectively create belonging and meaning without appropriating cultures that can never be ours, yet speak soothing balm in human ways to our collective souls & one beating heart?

We must create belonging that is solely our own, and be infinitely creative in doing so.

Gaea Lady as the Lady of the Lady – fire & silk dance


Gaea Lady

Gaea Lady is an enchantress by nature & will make you feel the earth move. Promoting radical self-love as a way to transform yourself and the world, she is a dancer of fire, silk, hoops & light.
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Gaea Lady as the Lady of the Lady – fire & silk dance
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