Wonda Starr

Wonda Starr

Want a star?? HEY, I’m Wonda Starr, international celebrity, notorious exaggerator. I’m a London-based drag queen who currently hosts Sunday Funday and Monday’s Wondaful at Bulldog, the oldest gay bar in Brighton.

I began performing in Reykjavik at the start of 2016, after which I formed a monthly show in the city called Drag Lab; created and hosted two sold-out nights based around ME called ‘A Nightful of Wonda; and penned a series of satirical blogs for Guide to Iceland that went viral in character. Since coming the UK and getting residency at the Bulldog, I am best-known for falling off the stage at the Brighton Drag Pageant and being publicly robbed in the Miss Jill Tyrell Pageant of 2020.

Other than being an outstanding, unbelievable beauty, with the body of a goddess and the face of a slightly manlier goddess, I am a fantastic host, comedienne, lipsyncer, makeup artist, and all-round queen.

London, UK
Wonda Starr is a 15-year-old liar and entertainer who performs in Brighton, London and Reykjavik. She pretends she is famous for her comedy chops, glamorous wardrobe, makeup skills and rockin’ bod.

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