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TifDynamite is an MC, writer, director, actor, comedian, burly performer, and cosplay model. Her life mission is to bring genuine joy and side-splitting laughter to audiences the world over through her solo and collaborative works. Tif spends her days (and…

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“…the Lucille Ball/Carol Burnett of our age. Like if those 2 were combined on steroids and an acid trip…amazing.” -my friend Dana

TifDynamite (Tiffany Parks Roberts) is a multifaceted stage performer and super hot-ass. She has been entertaining the great people of the United States of America since 1982 with the opening of her first production, “Excessively Long Driveway Productions presents, Murder in Strawberry Shortcake Land.”
Since that day she has tirelessly begged for attention through emcee prattle, improv, comedic ecdysiasm, acro and aerial circus, pole dancing, costuming and cosplay, sharp or flat chanteusery, stage and film thespianism, interminable screen and sketch writing, fancy dancing and questionable choreography, despotic direction and prolific production, pageant judging, dominatrixing, mimery, bingo calling, and semi-naughty calendar and magazine modeling. She has produced numerous drag and girlee shows and is the co-creator of The North High Beaverettes, Genderf*kation: A Gender Emancipation, Pi Idol, PiCathalon, Queer Speed Dating is Hard and the nationally infamous Dildo Bingo®.
Tif is the former Artistic Director of Minnsky Theatre and current Artistic Director of NerdDoms Universe. She can be seen in “Q: A Documentary” about GLBTQ Twin Cities-based performers, chattering as the Compère Extraordinaire of The ExperTeasers, and generally drawing attention to herself wherever she can. She is a member of Cirque de Lune theatrical circus troupe, Elite Entertainment, and a Minnsky Players core company member appearing in nearly everything she can shimmy her way into. Her very favorite thingy is writing for and directing The Wicked Wenches Parody Troupe as they create their original musical parodies including, “The Strip Wars Holiday Special,” “Cherry Hotter and the Hallowed Order of the Half-Blood Prisoner’s Secret Stones of Fire,” and “Pan’s Peter A Totally Tubular Adventure!”
In her spare time Tif enjoys dogs, novelty, and leaping before she looks.
TifDynamite is The Boom in the Room!

Favorite quote “I’m probably going to regret this, but…” -TifDynamite

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