Minou Minette

Mobile, Alabama
The Chronically Fabulous Feline! Minou Minette is an award-winning dancer, sassy southern kitten, and chronic illness warrior in Mobile, Alabama. Most importantly, she is a survivor.

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About Minou Minette

Simply imagine the love child of Scarlet O’Hara and Bob Fosse, and you’ve got Minou Minette! At three years old, the Louisiana native began studying various forms of theatre and dance and has had the honor of dancing for some of the world’s greatest musicians, such as James Brown and ZZ Top, singing at various cathedrals throughout Europe, including Notre Dame in Paris, dancing in various NFL and NCAA halftime shows, and entertained visitors at Walt Disney World’s Epcot Center.

Growing up less than an hour north of New Orleans, much of Minou’s performance art exposure and training was strongly influenced by burlesque and cabaret, and she had always had a passion for Fosse style jazz and tap.

Unfortunately, in 2015 Minou’s life was forever changed when she began her battle with a rare disease known as Mast Cell Activation Disorder which quickly stole all she held dear. She soon found herself a shell of her former self, living in isolation, and ready to die.

In 2019, however, a social media post changed everything. Minou noticed an announcement that Mobile was scheduled to host its first burlesque festival and was accepting performer applications. Though she was rarely able to get out of bed due to constant pain and fatigue and only left the house for doctor appointments, not to mention the fact she had never even done burlesque, there was no turning back. Minou Minette was born!

Minou began to research the history and styles of burlesque, and a fire she thought long gone began to burn once more within her soul. Burlesque made her remember the euphoric feeling that only basking in the energy of a captive audience can bring, and she miraculously found herself determined to have a positive mindset and find an effective treatment so that she could get back on stage where she belonged!

Burlesque literally saved Minou’s life. It gave her a reason to keep fighting, a reason to live.

“Nothing will ever feel more like home for me than a stage, even if that stage is currently my living room. Hell, isn’t that every dancer’s first stage? And Dorothy wasn’t lyin, y’all…There’s no place like home!” – Minou Minette

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