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My name is Maria Ekaterina and I reside in the beautiful mountains of SW Virginia. My flow started in 2012 with a single day hoop which has taken me where I am now. Having had experience with solo performances, group organized performances, and virtual events, I’m eager to share my work with you here. Each performance takes weeks to put together and the full thoughts of each act have a deeper meaning than what’s on the surface. With day single & double hoop acts, LED hoop & Wings, Aerials and Fire wings, headdress, palm torches, fire hoops & stilt walking, you’re in for a whole channel of entertaining acts. Sit back, and enjoy the show.

Blacksburg, VA
Maria has a full spectrum of tools that include day props such as hoops, silk fans, and aerial apparatus to LED & Fire instruments such as Fire Wings, Fire Headdress & Fire Hoops. With experience as a solo performing artist and as a leader of Fluidity Performance Troupe, Maria has worked at events such as Floydfest, Front Porch Fest, Mountain Music Festival and so much more. Her attentiveness to detail includes her creative costume creations from sketch to reality will be enough to catch your sweet eye.

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