Major Curl

Philadelphia, PA - New York
Major Curl is a trans-forming drag and burlesque entity bringing out of this world concepts to life. Inspired by futuristic drag kings, Major’s performance explores gender play, sensuality and humor.

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About Major Curl

Major Curl emerged as a nonbinary king in the Philadelphia drag scene over a year ago sprinkling glitter upon various cabarets and stages across the city. Earning Crowd Favorite at Mr. Philly Drag King, Major took off into the drag world bringing their 13 years of dance training into play. They enjoyed exploring the realm of performance art and crowd interaction, and became addicted creating a world on stage.

Major attended Temple University for Dance and Advertising, and performed in residencies with Ishamel-Houston Jones and Kathy Westwater. They sweat through many rehearsals for MFA Theses by Long Cheng and Tatianna Hassan, and made it to nationals at the American College Dance Festival for being featured in choreography by Valerius Prodcutions, with a pound of feathers on stage.

In the Summer of 2019, Major’s movement was featured in acclaimed film “Light As Memory” exhibited at Philadelphia Magic Gardens. Major’s drag and burlesque performances have been featured in In Bad Taste: A John Waters Tribute Show, Black Hole Burlesque: Love Sucks 5, Paula Deen’s Drag Kitchen, Out of this World, Out of this Binary, Glitter High Drag Out and productions for Urban Movement Arts.

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