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Lil’ Aziza started her performing career in gymnastics. She wandered through dance forms, starting with tap and ballet, Irish step dancing and, after a brief stop in guitar, found belly dance.

She has studied with Marliza Pons, Aziza of Las Vegas, Fatiem, Aradia, Kahjira, Anya Tribal, and many others. She has been part of Marliza Pons’ Magic Carpet Dancers, Aziza’s Troupe D’Aliah, Seraphina Fire, Amelia Zidane’s Bellygirls, Dark Moon Dance Collective, and Banat Al Taneen.

She currently dances as a solo artist and occasionally collaborates with her partner in Joker’s Wild. She is also in progress on her Teaching Certification from Divine Chaos in their skirt dialect.

Her specialty is fusing today’s current songs with a cabaret flare and adding fire to the mix. Hoop is her preferred tool, but she is proficient with staff, poi, orb, wisp, sword, palms, fans and painting/eating wands.

Las Vegas, Nevada
A unique fire, LED and belly dance performer known for fusing pop songs with cabaret stylings. Lil’ Aziza promises to entertain.

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