Lady Tequila Bootyshot

Lady Tequila Bootyshot

A shot of pin-up meets neo-burlesque, Lady Tequila Bootyshot is an Edinburgh based-performer and stage kitten. A horror-fan with a love of the old classics, she was the perfect kitten for Freak Burlesque. Having kittened at the Wildest Tease, she was inspired by the passion in the performers and made her online debut in Infinitease wining the viewers vote. She made her Live online debut with Glitterbug and channelling her inner Sweet Transvestite. She has 5 confirmed online bookings including a Halloween horror theme, a neo-belly-dance and an obsessive girlfriend all to debut from October to the end of the year.

Edinburgh, Scotland.
Fiesty Fiery Scots Lass breaking into the world of burlesque.

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