Jinxy Deviate

Jinxy Deviate

I am the Founder and Producer of Bizarre Stripper Burlesque Troupe, Austin’s Premier All Trans Burlesque Troupe. We are BIPOC owned and run. Founded in November 2019, we produced a showcase once every other month here in Austin, Texas. Currently we are home based at Scissor Sisters. Our Core Cast include:
* Louisianna Purchase (Dragula Season 3)
* Hermajestie
* Kara Foxx Paris
* Marley Belle
* Ruby Knight
* Estee Slaughter
* Dandy Velour
* Sylvia Hatchett-Purchase
* Jinxy Deviate

Austin, Texas
Jinxy Deviate, Owner and Producer for Bizarre Stripper Burlesque. Two-Spirit Indiqueer Coahulitcan. Dubbed “Some Type of Bizarre Stripper” by Infowars in a jealous rage.

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