Doe Demure

England, UK
Serpentine belly dancer, bewitching burlesque performer, and playful hula hoop artist; Doe is choreographer to Chicas Locas Burlesque.

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About Doe Demure

Doe creates a magical atmosphere on any stage and is known for her dramatic belly dance style, from gothic to glamorous vintage fusion reminiscent of the golden era of belly dance. Doe Demure began performing professionally in 2009 as an Oriental belly dancer in restaurants, for weddings, and with live musicians. She has performed extensively as a burlesque showgirl, hula hoop dancer, fire performer and as part of Chaines’ dance company’s Moulin Rouge, Vegas showgirl, Cancan, Charleston duo, Hawaiian hula troupes and more.

Based at her Skytribe dance studio in Leicester UK, Doe Demure is choreographer to established dance troupes Chicas Locas Burlesque and Skytribe fusion bellydance, offering online classes with opportunities to join in with her online shows.

Doe Demure’s performance experience includes fire hula hoop at the Miss Great Britain finals, a solo show as an opening act for American rock band ‘The Eels’ and internationally at Hoop Gathering in Banyoles, Spain. She has performed for music videos, modelled for vintage and burlesque themed photoshoots and catwalks, including at Americana International, and has travelled all over the UK performing in cabaret shows, such as The Cat’s Pyjamas (Grimsby), Night Train Revue (Rotherham) and Nozstock Velveteen Valley late night cabaret.

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