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Betty Boudoir – a fun and flirty performer from the Midlands! This glamorous pin-up babe has been dancing for 5 years and can be seen travelling the UK (when we’re not in lockdown) with her troupe The Poison Ivies who bring their synchronised choreography and badass girl power to the stage. After making her solo debut in 2019, she went on to become a finalist in Miss East Midlands Burlesque 2019 and perform in 2 sellout solo shows! In lockdown she has been performing in online shows and working on new acts that she can’t wait to bring to a live stage soon! Betty brings her cute, sassy personality to her performances and is experimenting with different styles in her solo acts. Flirty glam and cheesy, with a touch of sleazy – her smile isn’t the only thing that’s cheeky!

Midlands, UK
Flirty, glam and cheesy with a touch of sleazy! Betty’s smile isn’t the only thing that’s cheeky!

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