How Promotion with Velvet Revue Works

Earning Commission on Velvet Revue

Velvet Revue has made it easy to share your affiliate links with your followers. If a follower signs up after clicking your personal link, you earn a commission. You continue earning your commission for as long as they remain a Supporter on Velvet Revue.

Followers don’t even have to sign-up right away for your commission to be honored . The affiliate link uses non-invasive cookies to track a link click for 30 days.

You can generate an affiliate link for any page on Velvet Revue: all profiles, videos, blog articles, and events. You don’t just have to promote just your own content, but any of it.

The power of working with a collective of Artists is a main feature of Velvet Revue.

Together, we attract a specified audience. Together, we provide more value for Supporters who are interested in cabaret entertainment. Together, we create a niche platform with a powerfully engaged online audience.

Generating Affiliate Links

There are two ways to get Affiliate links. You must be logged into your account in order to generate your links.

Easy Method

The fastest method for generating your personal link is SO easy! Just go to the page you want to share with your followers. Then click on the Menu Icon ( ☰ ), and click on “Affiliate Link” at the bottom of the Menu. A pop-up window will then appear, where you can copy the link directly, or use the social media icons to post directly to your accounts.

Advanced Method

The other method is to copy any Velvet Revue URL and paste it in your Affiliate Code Generator. There is also an option to add a Campaign Name to your links. Campaign Names can be used if you’d like to track where your sales are coming from. For instance, using the Campaign name “Facebook” on all your Facebook posts, “Website” for your personal website. This helps you understand where your followers are joining from.

Tips for Sharing Your Affiliate Links

Your links are valuable, so put them on all of your media accounts. Place them where they are prominently featured, so you get more clicks & maximize your commission.

Besides social media accounts, don’t forget to add your personal your affiliate links to your:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Instagram (via Linktree)
  • Facebook Photo Captions
  • YouTube Video Descriptions
  • Email Signatures & Auto-responses

How Velvet Revue Promotes You

Velvet Revue was created by performers. It is run by performers. At our core, we care most about Artists being compensated, promoted, and valued for what they bring to the events table: unique experiences.

This platform exists for performers, and the Supporters who appreciate their work in areas of arts and live entertainment.

Promoting Artists is our esteemed pleasure. You’re amazing people, with incredible skills, and we freakin’ admire you.

Promotion of you and your work is central to how we run Velvet Revue.

Social Media

When your Velvet Revue Artist Profile is published with your first video, you are automatically scheduled for “Welcome Posts” on both Facebook and Instagram. Your links and affiliate codes are ALWAYS used when your images or videos are promoted.

As your new photos & videos are posted, we will be looking for new ways to share teasers of your content!

Live Streams

Velvet Revue Premiere Shows

New artist videos will regularly be featured in our Premiere Shows, hosted by Violet de Beauvoir creator of Velvet Revue.

As the Velvet Revue grows, these Premiere Shows will become more frequent.  A weekly show is our goal!

Velvet Review Livestream Events

Velvet Revue will put out site-wide casting calls for our own Live Stream shows. Artists who participate will receive additional promotion leading up to the show.

Podcast Interviews

The Violet Revue: Official Podcast of Velvet Revue, is an interview show featuring the amazing artists from the platform, and other entertainment industry professionals. The Violet Revue is set to launch on December 1st.

Artists on Velvet Revue will often be approached with a pre-interview questionnaire for Podcast inclusion and additional promotion.

Blog Articles

As Velvet Revue grows, artists will have the opportunity to cross-blog with us. We will also include mention of our artists wherever appropriate. Our blog is optimally written for SEO. With the steady release of more blog articles, more and more of your content will be linked to it, providing your personal brand additional exposure and search-ability.

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