That Girl

Episode 1

Act 3 of the first episode of Midnight Violet is a high-energy visual bomb of gogo dance and glow paint.

“That Girl” is a mind-melting techno twirl.  While possible IRL, it was meant for a performance art video. The music comes from the Mr. Robot soundtrack.

I am enamored with the way my body feels after I’ve been dancing all night.  This act is about life getting messy and enjoying the ride and expressing that “dance all night” feeling. 

It took me absolutely an eternity to create this one… I was a perfectionist.
I do not regret the 3 days and nights of filming, nor another 2 days and nights of editing.  This one is RAD.

And, let’s be honest, the glow paint is a great excuse to get naked any time.

This piece is also a little nod to my most favorite gigs EVER – the Full Moon Parties I used to do for DJ Slik! 

xoxo Violet

1 year ago
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