Mrs. Denton on Doomsday

Episode 2

File this act under SKA-lesque!

Episode 2, Act 2 is a nod to one of my favorite shows EVER – The Twilight Zone! We’re about to find out what happens to “MRS. Denton on Doomsday”. With a touch of retro TV land magic and good dose of goofiness, this performance art video is SO. MUCH. FUN!

Vacuous, but happy, housewife Mrs. Denton is pushing the Hoover around. An average day in the Denton household. But THIS day is DOOMSDAY! The Mrs. is about to be BEWITCHED!

It is also my wish that you notice the irony of the political lyrics of the song juxtaposed against an oblivious, vapid housewife trope. This idea, is in alignment with common perceptions about my work as a burlesque performer.

May this humorous act be proof that there is surely some intellectual depth to even the silliest routines and videos I put forth. It not all ass & titties afterall.

I especially enjoyed playing these characters, that’s something I can’t pull off in a live show! Honestly, being sexy is my comfort zone. Being this silly was HARD for me. The results were worth the work, and I know you’ll enjoy seeing this side of me.

xoxo Violet

1 year ago
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