Episode 6

I have experienced much grief over the loss of go-go gigs in the pandemic aftermath. Venues continue to be shut down in waves, reacting to COVID exposures, violations, staff shortages, and supply chain issues.

Persistent as always – I don’t really let anything slow me up for too long. Where there is a will, there is a way. Creators of many kinds will agree…

The energy of this video performance is all about finding JOY in the bullshit. Busting through obstacles, heartache, standing tall, and realizing that the wheels do indeed keep turning… the energy still cycles.

What was an obstacle becomes an accomplishment. Where you wondered “when will these problems stop so that I can get on with living?” you now clearly realize that this is it. This is the living. You’re doing it. As it actualizes, it’s beautiful, and poetic – even when it is hard, sad, disappointing.

So you press on with a knowing smile that even the struggle is somehow divine. No one and nothing can f*ck with that kind of vibe.

9 months ago
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