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What is Drag?

Drag is a form of entertainment in which clothing and makeup is worn in a way that exaggerates or obscures gender signifiers and gender roles for entertainment purposes. Historically, most drag performers have been men dressing as women.  The artform has come to encompass many types of unique drag performers. As gender identities in society continue to evolve, so too does drag.

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What is A Drag Queen?

A drag queen is an entertainer who imitates and exaggerates signifiers of female gender.  Typically understood as men dressed elaborately as women. The artform uses stereotypes about gender to challenge norms and entertain audiences, and is not limited to a performer’s biology.

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What is A Drag King?

Drag kings imitate and exaggerate signifiers of male gender. Often understood as women dressed as men, drag kings are not limited by their biology or identity. The artform highlights gender roles for purposes of entertainment and personal expression.

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