13 Best Burlesque Shows in the US

Love burlesque? Who doesn’t! In the mood for a nice date-night burlesque show? We could all use one! Currently live in an area without burlesque? Not a problem! With more shows online than ever before, it’s easier to find burlesque near you!

The pandemic changed burlesque shows forever. With over a year of cancelled events, it created a new opportunity. Shows began to pop-up virtually and burlesque dancers began uploading performances online.

Now with restrictions lifted in some areas, burlesque is back live, and in-person! That doesn’t mean that virtual shows will vanish. It means burlesque will now be more available than ever before!

We have included both online and in-person events in our best burlesque show list. For online only, check out our list of the best virtual burlesque shows!

Velvet Revue Variety & Burlesque Show

Velvet Revue – Online

Velvet Revue offers the BIGGEST collection of burlesque videos and online show recordings from around the world. Like the Netflix of Burlesque, you can watch acts anytime, anywhere!

Started by out-of-work performance artists, Velvet Revue was built to give performers their own space to upload and share their content.

Hosting a weekly Variety & Burlesque Show every Monday, Velvet Revue premieres all the hottest videos uploaded directly by performers.

In addition, burlesque producers host their own events and stream directly to Velvet Revue!

Everything is included in a low monthly fee for Supporters & performers join for free!

Cost: $11.99


Jeezy’s Juke Joint – New Orleans, LA

Founded by Jeez Loueez (newly crowned #1 of 2020’s Burlesque Top 50) Jeezy’s Juke Joint is an all Black performer experience.

In a 2015 review, Ebony magazine said, “This might be the most complex and meaningful burlesque show you’ve ever seen.” In the 6 years since, it’s still 100% TRUE!

Jeezy’s Juke Joint’s live burlesque show is a MUST see for any fan of burlesque!

You can find a list of virtual shows on their Instagram and keep an eye out for in-person shows, returning in 2021.


Speakeasy on Demand

Speakeasy on Demand – Online

For the ultimate high-end experience, Speakeasy on Demand offers the combination of mixology and a live streaming burlesque show.  Expertly crafted cocktail packages are delivered directly to you, so you can turn your home into the next hot VIP lounge. 

Those looking for “Speakeasy on Demand Reviews” will have to wait for now!  The relatively new, exclusive service caters to those connoisseurs who prefer to enjoy burlesque with a little more privacy.  

You’re guaranteed a great show, from world class entertainers from around the globe.

Cost: $150 for Live Stream with Craft Cocktails / $50 for the Live Stream 


Every Monday
Live on Velvet Revue

The Burlesque Show at Borgota – Atlantic City, NJ

The big tease at the Borgata is easily one of best large-scale weekly American burlesque shows outside of Las Vegas. Featuring some of the hottest new faces and some of the biggest stars of burlesque.

Velvet Revue artist Vivi Noir was a regular at the Borgata before her relocation to New Orleans.  This stage has been home to Trixie Minx, Rosie Cheeks, Piper Marie, and Hazel Honeysuckle!

Great news: Shows are set to resume at the Borgota Music Box in April, 2021.

Cost: $30


X Burlesque – Las Vegas, NV

LIVE Thursday through Sunday at the legendary Flamingo Hotel & Casino, X Burlesque is a show you don’t want to miss!

This sexy topless revue has adapted to COVID-19 by limiting seats with their “Private Edition” show. Only 30 seats are available per show, with two-shows every night, except for Sunday.

One of the best shows Las Vegas has to offer, the Flamingo’s X Showroom has offered an intimate viewing experience for over a decade.  The titillating performances range “from frisky to x-rated”, and are set to contemporary music.  

Your ticket includes champagne and a signed poster, as well as a brief Q & A with the performers.

Cost: $85 per person

The Straphouse - Black Virtual Striptease - Website Screenshot

The Straphouse – Zoom

Introduced to us by Julez of Tacoma, WA, The Straphouse is an ALL Black LGBTQ+ space made for Black content creators.

This empowering organization has also partnered with Maggie’s Toronto Sex Workers Action Project to support sex workers.

The Straphouse has presented the ground-breaking adult film festival, “UnHoly Fans,” in 2021, and are producing online striptease shows going forward. 


Boston BeauTease – Boston, MA

Lighting up Boston stages for the past 16 years, Boston BeauTease has stuck to the core purpose of reinvigorating the golden-age of burlesque.

Miss Mina Murray & Scratch are not only producers of the shows, but dedicated burlesque historians as well. They presented their remarkable burlesque collection by opening a museum in 2020: The American Burlesque Collection, located in Salem, MA.

Cost: Shows are donation based


Quarantine Cabaret Show Poster

Quarantine Cabaret – Online

The Quarantine Cabaret was the very first production to jump into pandemic-friendly online burlesque shows.  

The show, hosted by Michelle L’Amour, features powerhouse performers, many of whom come from the L.A. and Chicago areas – two cities where the illustrious Michelle L’Amour has influenced the burlesque scene.

All episodes are available for viewing right on their website, where you can purchase access to the uncensored versions.

Cost: Tips and donations


Every Monday
Live on Velvet Revue

Chicago Black Drag Council – Twitch

The Chicago Black Drag Council (CBDC) is Chi-town’s answer for all-Black cabaret entertainment.  Don’t let the name fool you – this performance group includes burlesque as well as drag!

Part entertainment troupe, part social justice coalition, CBDC celebrates Black entertainers and supports sex workers. The troupe presents a menagerie of artists in their Twitch stream to discover!  

While you may experience some muting in the stream, this is an example of how difficult it can be to produce online performances with restrictions placed by streaming services, like Twitch.

Cost: Free


Watch More Gaea Lady Videos

Hubba Hubba Revue – San Francisco, CA

This variety and neo-burlesque show has kept the Bay Area captivated since 2006! The show is notorious for its unforgettable comedy and glamour.

Typically performing at the 35 year old DNA Lounge, the free Hubba Hubba Revue webcast can be viewed on the famous club’s website. The donation-based virtual events help keep things afloat until the 12-time award winning show can return to the stage.  

Shows are scheduled every month and always feature some of the biggest names in burlesque providing their socially distant performances.  


The Peek-A-Boo Revue – Philadelphia, PA

Holding it down in Philly for over two decades, The Peek-A-Boo Revue was established in 1998 and remains one of the best burlesque shows in Philadelphia.  Known for amazing troupe routines, The Peek-A-Boo Revue won Best Group at the Burlesque Hall of Fame’s Tournament of Tease in 2012!


Lucha Va Voom – Los Angeles, CA

Exhibit A on breaking the mold on “What is a Burlesque Show?”, and why burlesque is not easily defined, we present Lucha Va Voom!

It’s part Mexican luchador wrestling show, part burlesque; and now add some secret spice and throw in a heaping dose of insanity and out comes Lucha Va Voom!

One of the wildest shows, not just in burlesquedom, but possibly ever. It’s just one of those spectacles you have to see to believe!


Bizarre Stripper Burlesque Burlesque Show - Motown Love - Poster

Bizarre Stripper Burlesque – Austin, TX

Oozing with vibrancy, sarcastically named Bizarre Stripper Burlesque is a wild, hilarious, sensual experience! An all BIPOC and Trans troupe, led by none other than Austin’s Jinxy Deviate, is exactly what the world needs. 

Co-founded by the undeniable Sylvia Hatchet, Bizarre Stripper Burlesque award-winning productions are among the best live entertainment available in Texas. 

Their work can now be viewed online as well!  Motown Love, which celebrates Black artists, can be viewed on Velvet Revue.


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