Best Online Burlesque Shows

2020 will forever be known as the time that burlesque shows became readily available online. Due to the pandemic quarantines, burlesque clubs were forced to shutdown, leaving shows without a stage.

Virtual burlesque events allow artists to continue to perform, reaching a much larger audience then their local scene by bringing the acts directly to you.

Zoom was the first place where many producers went to put on shows. Later, online cabaret theaters like Velvet Revue & Speakeasy On-Demand became centralized sites to enjoy live streaming burlesque shows.

Here is a list of some of the best online burlesque shows from around the world!

Velvet Revue Variety & Burlesque Show

Velvet Revue

The Netflix of Burlesque, Velvet Revue features over 100 performers & 300 burlesque videos.

Started by out-of-work performance artists, Velvet Revue was built to give performers their own space to upload and share their content.

Hosting a weekly Variety & Burlesque Show every Monday night, Velvet Revue showcases all the hottest performance videos uploaded directly by performers.

Velvet Revue is not just for virtual burlesque, but also features aerial, pole, fire, circus & drag performances!

Everything is included in a low monthly fee & performers join for free.

The Straphouse - Black Virtual Striptease - Website Screenshot

The Straphouse – Zoom

The Straphouse is an ALL Black LGBTQ+ space made for Black content creators, based in Toronto, Canada. They have partnered with Strapped TO and Maggie’s Toronto Sex Workers Action Project to support sex workers impacted by COVID-19 and are known as “Toronto’s Sexiest Queer Party”.

They have presented the ground-breaking adult film festival, “UnHoly Fans,” and are producing online strip tease shows throughout 2021.

Burlesque & Chill "Does Memes" - Zoom Burlesque Show Poster

Burlesque & Chill – Zoom

Los Angeles’ beloved ballerina Miss Lady Legs organizes the Zoom burlesque show Burlesque & Chill.

Getting started early in the pandemic, Burlesque & Chill has been inspiring and encouraging both performers and enthusiasts through tough times.  Their social media often invites visitors to check out other digital burlesque shows, always spreading the love!

You can count on Burlesque & Chill for cute events, like their burlesque brunch series, which helps support a local food pantry.

Every Monday
Live on Velvet Revue
Shenanigans Cabaret

Shenanigans Cabaret – Zoom

Hosted and produced by the hilarious Foxi Blue, Shenanigans Cabaret showcase’s an amazing Zoom burlesque show, full of international performers! Many of their burlesque dancers can be found on Velvet Revue, including Foxi Blue!

Based in East London, Shenanigans Cabaret’s first show was a smashing success in February 2020. Shortly after, COVID shutdowns forced the show online.

Debuting their first online burlesque show in July of 2020, with performances regularly ever since, this is a virtual production you just can’t miss!

Speakeasy on Demand

Speakeasy On Demand

Speakeasy On Demand offers the combination of mixology and a live streaming burlesque show.  Expertly crafted cocktail packages are delivered directly to you, so you can turn your home into the next hot VIP lounge. 

The relatively new, exclusive service caters to those connoisseurs who prefer to enjoy private virtual burlesque experience.  

You’re guaranteed a great show, from world class entertainers from around the globe.

Cabaret Curiousa - Virtual Burlesque Show "Terror Vision"

Cabaret Curiosa – Zoom

Vienna’s burlesque performer and instructor, Devi Letalis, brings us Cabaret Curiosa. Normally producing live events, their entertainment moved online in 2020.  

Delivering an “outside the box” cabaret show, Cabaret Curiosa offers a taste of the dark side, with burlesque and novelty acts that are uniquely twisted and dripping in mystery.

Friend of the Violet Revue Podcast, Pixie Baroque, has worked onstage with Cabaret Curiosa and now creates from home, taking part in the online burlesque events.

Every Monday
Live on Velvet Revue
Clandestine Cabaret - Virtual Burlesque Show

Clandestine Cabaret – Zoom

We just couldn’t keep this dirty little secret!  Created by Zee Zee Stardust & Velvet Revue’s Aya L’Storm, the London-based show puts on quarterly virtual burlesque productions with Zoom.

Clandestine Cabaret is now casting for hosts and burlesque performers of all kinds, and are streaming pre-recorded and live burlesque acts.

Glitterbug Online Burlesque Show

Glitterbug Burlesque – Zoom

John Maraffa aka “Giovanni” produces this star-studded show, which successfully went virtual in 2020.

The U.K.-based entertainment company has had an impressive 10-year run so far and are known for their sell out in-person shows and and for showcasing a wide array of styles.

The troupe takes pride in providing an additional space, in the form of smaller burlesque shows.  Budding burlies can make their way into the community of performers with the BabyBug show.

Every Monday
Live on Velvet Revue

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