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Curious about burlesque, a casual enthusiast or a full-blown fanatic?  Then Velvet Revue is your home!

Velvet Revue lets you travel the burlesque world, into far-reaching venues, exotic locations & the creative imagination of performers.

I've seen burlesque shows at countless venues and 8 countries. I will continue to travel to see shows, but the performances I get to watch on Velvet Revue allow me into an even bigger world of burlesque!

Big John - NYC

Burlesque Videos

The largest collection of burlesque videos online, from 100+ Artists from around the globe.

All 350+ full-length performance videos are at your finger-tips — enjoy from home or on-the-go.

New videos every week!

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Weekly Live Events

Join in on live-streaming events! Interact with performers, send tips, and hear juicy behind-the-scenes details, right from the performers.
We send you a private invitation 20 minutes before every show, so you never miss a thing!

Burlesque Dancers

Over 100 burlesque performers grace the Velvet Revue stage! Our International collective of Artists provide you with incredible performances in a variety of styles.
New performers are added every week to our ever growing line-up of amazing talent!
Pole dancer sparkling spitfire poses in a backbend sitting on a chair in front of a vertical pole wearing a sailor pin up costume.

Pole Dancers

Fire Dancer on Beach - CoralFire

Fire Dancers


Burlesque performer Vixen DeVille is set against a red circus tent wearing a red and black ringmaster costume, posing with one leg crossed over the other and tipping her black top hat.


More than burlesque!

Velvet Revue is home to a wide variety of Artists & performance disciplines.
Check out some amazing pole dancers, fire performers, aerialists, contortionists & more!
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