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Looking for a platform to stream your performance art on? Keep getting your videos taken down from YouTube, Facebook and Twitch? Tired of using Zoom to try to host an online event? Don’t have the technical know-how for Vimeo?

If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, we’ve got exactly what you need!

Velvet Revue is proud to introduce Live Streaming Events for Artists.

The first video platform dedicated to the performing arts, welcoming all burlesque, drag performers, fire performers, aerial arts, flow arts, circus arts, contortionists, pole dancers, go-go dancers and more!

Why Live Stream on Velvet Revue?

Why not? A collective of like minded artists, who have the same passion as you do is a great environment to bring your fans, and most importantly, gain new ones.

If that sounds good to you, head over to our Artist Application and learn more about Velvet Revue.

In a perfect world, that would be enough to get you to start using Velvet Revue, but you need convincing, so let’s lay out the features.


Hard to beat free. Velvet Revue is free to join for Artists. All performers with active Velvet Revue accounts may participate in live stream events.

You can also upload performance videos, link to your website, add your social media, and even get tips while offline. Which brings us to our next feature.

Monetize Your Live Stream

There are two ways to monetize your live stream: tipping and memberships.

Supporters who have a membership on Velvet Revue buy Stars to tip performers. During your live stream, Supporters tip performers. No more going back and forth to Venmo or Paypal, or hoping you get tipped for your valuable live content.

All Supporters are preloaded with Stars when they join Velvet Revue.

Let’s say you’re hosting your Burlesque Variety show on Velvet Revue. All of your fans join Velvet Revue to view the show. Each performer of the show promotes the show, and get more fans to join.

For each Supporter signup, the performer gets 40% of the signup, recurring monthly. With the preloaded Stars on Supporters accounts, you are able to earn more right away. You also generate 20% of every Stars purchase, and you keep 100% of all tips!

So let’s just run through a scenario.

One Supporter joins through your affiliate code. They purchase 200 Stars to tip during your show. If you get all of those tips from your supporter, you’ve earned $22.50, or 64% of that Supporter’s purchase.

VR Live Stream Production

Velvet Revue has teamed up with Stage TEN to give Live Stream “Directors” the best software on the market to organize and run their show.

From the Director’s Chair, you can generate links to send to Artists participating in the show. From any computer-connected camera to cell phone cameras, our Live Streams are a snap! Just drag & drop to queue up the next performer and let them go Live. Includes private “backstage” chat between all performers!

Velvet Revue handles everything on the front end, making sure your stream is compatible on all devices, from Full HD to Mobile.

This leads us to the most important feature, and the big picture.

Community of Artists & Supporters

By live streaming on Velvet Revue, you reach a larger audience than you may already have. Your Supporters watch other Artist’s live stream shows, and their Supporters watch yours.

More Supporters, more tips; more tips, more commissions. Your earning potential continues even if you are not performing.

Your supporters stay your supporters, and you will continue to create passive income from each purchase for as long as they remain a member of Velvet Revue.

By creating a niche user base that is dedicated to performing arts, all Artist’s using the platform benefit, consistently finding new audience members and generating revenue.

This is the whole idea behind the collective.

Now that you’ve heard about everything Velvet Revue has to offer, let’s be fair and take a look at your other streaming options.

Velvet Revue is an independent platform for performing artists, built by artists!


Join a collective of similar artists to expand your audience, upload your videos & go live!

Comparing Other Live Streaming Options

All of these platforms have many things in common, they are all general non-niche platforms. Anything goes, upload what ever you want, and binge on video after video. An algorithm may take you from a Fire Poi video you chose and lead you on a path toward conspiracy videos arguing birds aren’t real.

Three of the five platforms we explore also happen to be the wealthiest companies in the world. Do they care that their live streaming doesn’t fit your needs? Not in the slightest.

Being mega-corporations, these companies fear one thing: Being broken up by the US Government. These corporations go above and beyond the law to appease governments, hoping their dominance remains unimpeded.

Facebook Live Streaming

Facebook has recently announced on October 1, 2020 “You may not use videos on our Products to create a music listening experience“.

What does that mean? Well, it means that you may no longer use Facebook or Instagram to host any live event that contains ANY music.

Facebook “clarified” with another statement saying “The greater the number of full-length recorded tracks in a video, the more likely it may be limited“.

No matter what happens with the rule changes, Facebook is not a very good place to live stream events. This is especially true if you’d like to monetize your stream.

Not to mention the fact that Facebook has never really cared about its users, its fundamental business plan is to make profits off YOUR data. And don’t get me started on them profiting from INSANE conspiracies….

You don’t need that kind of toxic in your life.

YouTube Live Streaming

Every performance artist I know has tried to start up a YouTube channel. I have yet to meet any that have been successful monetizing that content.

On a platform where a child earns over $22 million dollars a year unboxing toys, you’d think being an amazing artist, with great content, you should be able to generate some passive income.

Going live on YouTube requires 1000 subscribers to your channel. Have a Strike against your account? Live is disabled.

Don’t even think about playing a copyrighted song on YouTube while you are live, your stream will be automatically turned off and live streaming disabled.

So YouTube is not going to work for live streaming events for performance artists.

Live Streaming on Twitch

Twitch seems like a good place for some live streaming performances, and pre-COVID-19, it was a fresh, new option with great potential.

As non-gaming users began to flock to the platform, Twitch began to crackdown hard on live streaming music.

With the music industry being in the pocket of Republicans, Twitch being owned by Amazon, (and the current occupant of the White House; a Republican with a distaste for Jeff Bezos) Amazon decided to not get into it with the US Federal Government about live performance broadcasts on his platform.

Live Streaming on Zoom

Creative and resourceful beings we are, Zoom became an adaptable fit to host some live entertainment for Artists.

But, let’s admit it: Zoom doesn’t offer the video quality your show deserves. What’s good for business meetings, is not exactly the perfect fit for our types of entertainment.

What about Zoombombing? While it may be up for nomination as the worst word of 2020, it is still a problem with trying to run a successful event.

Let’s not forget the people paying to see your shows, though. Spending all day in meetings with their corporate overlords on Zoom, the last place they want to be is back on Zoom trying to enjoy a low-resolution live performance.

Vimeo Live Streaming

Vimeo is actually an excellent platform for live streaming. But, it’s got two very big issues for artists.

First is the cost. $75 for unlimited live stream viewers is a bit much. Though the fee isn’t a total deal breaker, for artists that are already struggling to make ends meet, it’s still pricey.

Its biggest problems are technical issues. While it’s less complex to stream an event from one live location, adding multiple cameras from multiple locations is an absolute nightmare with Vimeo.

The technical hurdles for handling multiple streams of different formats to end up on one platform is not easy. Being the “Director” of this live show is extremely challenging. Add in the computing and bandwidth requirements, it’s just not for everyone.

So What’s the Best Option for Live Streaming?

For performance artists and dancers, there is really one choice.

YouTube, Zoom, Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitch all have their drawbacks. They are also all hugely popular. They are just not entirely popular in our particular niches.

People said that Twitch would never be popular. “Who wants to watch other people play video games?!” That was a niche market taken out from under YouTube. Well, apparently a lot of people want to watch other people play video games. Twitch has been so popular that Amazon bought it for $970 Million.

Velvet Revue is doing the same, only this time, with performing arts. We believe we can build an audience and help you monetize your content.

Live shows, on-stage, with an in-person audience, is no longer feasible for many of us. We can’t be sure when it will be, either. We must pivot in a collaborative and inclusive way. With Velvet Revue, Artists can begin to reshape the way our live performances are experienced by an online audience, perhaps for years to come.

It’s time for everyone to go digital, and use the biggest stage we have, the Internet!

Velvet Revue is an independent platform for performing artists, built by artists!


Join a collective of similar artists to expand your audience, upload your videos & go live!

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