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An Open Letter to Performing Artists

Beautiful People,

Since the spread of COVID-19, all our futures have been unsure.  

Performers, as we know, were the first to lose their jobs.  They will be the last to return to work. 

We TRULY appreciate the advocacy of the #redAlertRESTART Movement.

Our own performance troupe in the Virgin Islands has struggled to cope, alongside all of our performer friends around the world.  While some artists have been able to return to work, many have not made their way back to the stage.

With a future that is so shaky, performers need to find more creative outlets. As artists, we all relied heavily on live entertainment gigs.  In 2020, however, nearly ALL performers are forced to move to digital, just like you.

As we found ways to stay relevant and make money during the pandemic, we did not uncover a platform that truly honored the image of ourselves as artists, or uphold our values as a community.  So…. We created one.

Velvet Revue

Velvet Revue is an independent platform for arts entertainers.  Think of it as a virtual cabaret theater where stage arts enthusiasts can view – and support – an international collective of artists who deliver burlesque, drag, dance and performance art. 

Supporters will enjoy unlimited views of curated content, live stream events, private burlesque shows, drag performances, and aerial dance entertainment. 

Artists like you are able share their passion for performance with a new, focused audience, by bringing their supporters together to discover more and encourage their interest.  Other performance professionals and collaborators, far outside your own location, will connect with you on Velvet Revue, creating a shared digital stage. 

Velvet Revue is FREE to use for artists, who receive as much personal support as we can deliver, as well as all the promotion we can afford.  At this time, we are offering 40% of subscriptions to artists, with their affiliate code.  As we grow, we anticipate the creation of new and greater earning opportunities for every performer on our platform.  

From showing off your awesome content to driving traffic and creating a dialogue for performers, promoting the artists on Velvet Revue is a priority to us.

Here on our blog you can expect to see helpful articles and tips for you, the artists and creators.  The Velvet Revue blog also serves to educate the public on things like “what is drag?” and burlesque history.

Our upcoming podcast is set to feature artists from Velvet Revue and other industry interviewees, as we cover topics of alternative entertainment and lifestyles, issues we face, obstacles over which we triumph, and what inspires us.

Even as lives eventually return to “normal”, and live events return, a need to reach a greater audience in order to monetize performance art content will remain.  With a growing Velvet Revue community, we intend to push the concept of performance art online toward standards that live up to artists expectations.

If you have any questions, please reach out right away.  Or just say HELLO!  We’d love to hear from you.  🙂

Much Love,

Julia & Sean
Founders of Velvet Revue & CoralFire Entertainment

Velvet Revue is an independent platform for performing artists, built by artists!


Join a collective of similar artists to expand your audience, upload your videos & go live!

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