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Velvet Revue is an independent platform for performing artists, built by artists!

Monetize your content! Having problems monetizing your performances online? Can’t find a platform to Live Stream?

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COVID-19 has been a struggle for all performance artists.  It’s time for our own platform, where we are the focus!

No artist signup fee!


Once your profile is active, you will be able to upload as many videos as you would like. Videos will require approval & scheduling before becoming live.

Videos can be marked as Public or Supporters Only. At least one Public video is encouraged, but not required.

When your fans join Velvet Revue from your link, they get full access to all Artist videos on Velvet Revue. Membership also includes Podcast Videos, Live Streams, and the ability to tip with Stars 🤩

Supporters purchase Stars 🤩 to tip you during Live Stream events and can even tip you directly on your videos.

Have content that's not generating you revenue right now?

Add it to Velvet Revue!

How Do You Monetize Content?

From your control panel, you can generate links with your affiliate code to share with your fans.

When fans join Velvet Revue from your link, you receive a commission.

You receive 70% of the supporter’s membership fee & 20% of all 🤩 purchases, for as long as they remain a member.

Artist’s keep 100% of all Stars 🤩 earned from  tipping. Converting them to cash at a 20 🤩 to $1 USD.

To put Supporters in the tipping mood, Velvet Revue gives every initial signup 50 Stars to get started.

Payouts are all handled through Direct Deposit by Stripe.

With Artist permission, Velvet Revue may have paid ads or posts on social media platforms to promote the website and events. If we use your video, we will include your affiliate links!

What Are We Looking For?

Velvet Revue is looking for professional-looking videos of your acts and routines!  High Quality recordings of live-performances are great!

  • Troupes and Solo Acts
  • Burlesque / Boylesque
  • Drag Queen Performances
  • Fire Performances
  • Aerialist / Pole Dancing Acts
  • and more!

We are looking for full-length costumed routines or complete event performances. Check out all the requirements.

Have content that’s not generating you revenue right now? Add it to Velvet Revue!

Join as troupes and individual artists!

What's Coming to Velvet Revue?

Velvet Revue is much more than a video platform!  As we grow we’ll offer our supporters more content, and create more earning opportunities for artists.

Coming soon for our supporters and artists:

  • Podcast (Free Audio. Video for supporters.)
  • Live-hosted, pre-recorded Virtual  Variety Show
  • Live stream premiers of artist videos
  • 100% live streaming shows, starring you, a Velvet Revue artist!
Have a great idea?  Let us know!  We want to add the features that both artists and supporters want to see!

Velvet Revue has three Video Privacy settings.

Members Only have 15 second preview for non-Supporters, and full video available for Supporters.

Private will not have a public video preview, only a screenshot, but the video is available to Supporters.

Public allows full video playback available to Supporters and non-Supporters.

Yes! If you have old performance videos on other platforms, move them to Velvet Revue!

You do not have to remove your old videos from other platforms, if you don’t want, that is completely up to you!

Velvet Revue is based in the United States and must adhere to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

If we receive a DMCA notice of infringement on your content, it will be removed. Depending on the infringement, it will either be muted or removed entirely.

Every video platform must adhere to these rules.

You will be notified of the complaint and your video will be removed or muted.

Internal records of all violations will be kept in compliance with the DMCA.

The Velvet Revue DMCA compliance officer will determine the severity and volume of complaints before disabling or removing an Artist’s account.

We will not be using a three strike rule for DMCA violations, but an internal system for actions against repeat infringers.  By law we do not have to publish our system for removing repeat infringers.

If you would like to know more about this, read this very informative article.

Live Streaming from Velvet Revue is currently in the testing phase. We are seeking testers for live deployments.

Live streams will be available for all Artists on Velvet Revue.

  • Events can either be Public or Private.
  • Only Supporters can view Private events.
  • 100% of tips go to Artist’s taking part in the event.
  • All Artists involved in Live Streams must have an active Velvet Revue Artist Account.


There are two ways that Live Streams can be scheduled.

Velvet Revue events:  We will put out a call for performers for Live Streams. A sign-up page will be provided for all interested artists with the date, time, and details.

Artist-organized events:  Any Artist on Velvet Revue can put together a Live Stream event with other Artists. All participants must have active Velvet Revue Artist accounts. You pick the theme, you pick the style and set the date & time, it’s all up to you. We set you up, help you promote, and you go live!

We are proud to announce a media partnership with Stage TEN to handle our production software needs for Velvet Revue Live Stream Shows!

Being the director of your own show is easy, on Velvet Revue. Using Stage TEN just drag and drop the next performer and go LIVE!

No additional software for MAC & PC, just a link to join the stream.

Artists using iPhone and Android users can download a free APP and connect their phone’s camera directly to Stage TEN.

Event organizers, contact us for more information!

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