Artist Help & FAQ

Adding Videos

All videos will be approved by an administrator before they are published on Velvet Revue.

Videos uploaded to Velvet Revue must be at least one complete routine, encompassing one full song length. It should be exactly what you would provide a live audience.

  • No Trailers
  • No Tutorials

Absolutely no pornographic material!

If you have any doubt about the content of your video, please contact us before uploading for pre-approval and review our Community Guidelines.

Velvet Revue has three Video Privacy settings.

Members Only have 15 second preview for non-supporters, and full video available for supporters.

Private will not have a public video preview, only a screenshot, but the video is available to supporters.

Public allows full video playback available to supporters and non-supporters.

You are required to upload 1 video within 3 days of your profile being activated.

The amount of videos you upload is up to you. However, the more videos you upload, the more incentive your supporters have to signup using your affiliate code!

Velvet Revue is based in the United States and must adhere to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

If we receive a DMCA notice of infringement on your content, it will be removed. Depending on the infringement, it will either be muted or removed entirely.

Every video platform must adhere to these rules.

Affiliate information

When you are logged in, visit your affiliate area for linking codes.

Each time a supporter joins Velvet Revue from your link, you receive a portion of that signup.

For every month that the supporter remains a member of Velvet Revue, you will continue to receive your commission from the signup.

If a supporter purchases Stars to use for tipping, Artists receive 20% from the sale.

Read more HERE.

Payouts are made on the 1st and 15th of the month, except where they fall on a weekend, in which case the payout will be made the next available business day.

Payouts are made via Stripe and are directly deposited to your bank account. All payment information will be handled by Stripe on their secure servers.

On initial join of Velvet Revue, payout will happen with a two week hold period. Meaning, if you join on the 1st of the month and make a sale before the 15th, that payout will be processed the following 1st of the month.

  • Week #1 – 1st of Month
  • Week #2
  • Week #3 – 15th of Month
  • Week #4
  • Week #5 – 1st of Month & Payouts for Week #1 & #2
  • Week #6
  • Week #7 – 15th of Month & Payouts for Week #3 & #4
  • etc.

This policy is due to Stripe’s evaluation period, and will be reevaluated after 6 months.

We feel “supporter” is a better fit for subscribers of Velvet Revue. They are supporting the performance arts, and most importantly they are supporting you.

Check out this helpful article on how to make affiliate links & how Velvet Revue promotions work!

Promoting your affiliate link is the way to earn from Velvet Revue.

  • Business & Personal Social Media
  • Websites
  • Reddit
  • Mailing Lists*

We recommend that you link directly to one of your free videos, or making teasers for member only videos.

Advertising on social media is a great way to spend money to make money. Sponsor posts to make sure all your followers see your content. As well as selecting custom audiences, you can target people interested in your art! Attract followers and make money!

*If you don’t have a mailing list, you should consider it. The reach for direct emails is 100% and the click through rate eclipses social media.

Promotional information


  • 10-60 seconds
  • Tell us your stage name, where you’re from, and what you do as a performer
  • Clearly mention Velvet Revue and/or


  • Tell a joke
  • Do a dance move
  • Show off your pet 
  • Blind us with sequins
  • Do something upside down
  • Be you!

Videos can be in any format, landscape or portrait, and can be submitted by uploading them as a new video in your Control Panel.

All teaser clips need to follow our Community Guidelines.

Additionally, clips are intended for use on social media, so all footage needs to be Instagram and Facebook friendly. 

All Facebook posts with your teasers will include YOUR affiliate links!

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