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What Drives Us?

Enamored with the process of creating new visual works for their audiences, founders Julia Coral De Lucia and Sean McGuire (CoralFire Entertainment, LLC) were left heartbroken at the cancellation of 2020 events and performances world-wide.

The hit to tourism devastated their Caribbean-based company of performers.

The pair, jaded with the censorship and other limitations imposed on artists via popular social outlets, could see the value and innovation of a fully independent platform.

Our rebellious founders had a desire to create something new, specifically for visual performance artists and the alternative entertainment industry.

What is Velvet Revue?

Velvet Revue is an online performance theater, featuring an international collective of artists who deliver burlesque, drag, and performance art videos ON DEMAND.

Supporters enjoy unlimited views of exclusive content, private burlesque shows, drag performances, and SO much more!  

Artists are able share their passion for performance with an audience, and other artists and collaborators, far outside their central location.

We support the arts by promoting individual artists, dance troupes, and theater companies in an inclusive way.

Our platform is created, and run, by performers! 

Burlesque Performer Tay Amor (CoralFire) – Photo by Misty Winter Photography

Our Mission

This collective of performance artists seeks to deliver the best of ourselves directly to an engaged audience.

Our platform offers a safe and inclusive space for exhibitionists and voyeurs of burlesque, drag, circus arts and character performance. The Velvet Revue virtual theater provides a digital medium, a new layer of expression, for our performing arts contributors.

Our standard for quality and creative expression upholds the esteemed view we have of performance art of all kinds.

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